Talk Title: The Crystal Skulls and the Future of Humanity


Elizabeth HeartStar has lived in Sedona for 33 years, as a clairvoyant astrologer and sacred journey guide in Sedona and Glastonbury, England, her spiritual home.

HeartStar, one of the “Group of 8” ancient Himalayan crystal skulls, came into her life in 2004, after opening a crystal shop called Stone Age Sedona, with owner, Lui Krieg of the famous Glastonbury Stone Age Shop.  

British channel and healer, Thelma Daisy Moeran, Elizabeth’s friend and mentor, began channeling beautiful inspired poetry from the crystal skulls. An ancient Tibetan crystal skull came to Thelma called Yangtze.Thelma referred to Yangtze as the “Grandmother”. In 2014, for Thelma’s 90th, Elizabeth HeartStar and her friend, Jewels Maloney, wrote a book called “The Crystal Skull Messenger” available on Amazon, about the ancient Himalayan crystal skulls, HeartStar and Yangtze with many of the poems channeled through Thelma. 

Elizabeth and others believe the “Group of 8” ancient Himalayan crystal skulls were buried in Tibet before the fall of Atlantis and were destined to be uncovered in 2002 to assist humanity during this great shift of the ages. As confirmation of this discovery, a crystal skull ET crop circle with a binary code message appeared in 2002 in England.

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