Modern History of Crystal Skulls

Kirby Seid discusses mystical practices with crystal skulls in ancient and modern times. He describes qualities of quartz, aspects of crystal skull consciousness, and how we can attune ourselves in order to tap into cosmic knowledge. Kirby reflects on his influences including Nick Nocerino, ancient artifacts Sha Na Ra, and the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. He also introduces modern master skulls Goliath, Altair and Vega. This presentation concludes with a crystal skull activation meditation. Come charge up your crystals!

Goliath the Modern Master Crystal Skull

The Brazilian Quartz from which Goliath has been carved is hundreds of millions of years old. There is a rainbow reflecting inclusion deep inside his forehead at his third eye. Goliath has a strong and grounding presence. Within this giant sized crystal skull are resonant energies from all the spiritual traditions of the World. In the past two decades, Goliath the Crystal Skull has been charged by some of the ancient and master crystals that we have had the honor to meet, including the famous Mitchell-Hedges Skull and Sha Na Ra. Goliath has also participated in many workshops and has been activated by channels such as Bashar and Galexis.

Kirby Seid

Kirby Seid is the guardian of Goliath the Crystal Skull. He is dedicated to building relationships between the crystal/mineral kingdom and the evolution of human consciousness. For over 30 years, Kirby has traveled the world gathering crystals and artifacts. He leads workshops and designs tools for healing and shamanic practices. Kirby has a B.A. in Psychology and a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine. For more info: