Crystal Skull Messages

Michelle will share channelings from the skulls and ask for audience participation to add personal understanding to the messages which will facilitate co-creation energy, healing, love, understanding, then, we will do a meditation to send that energy out into the world and beyond.  She has been sharing this technique on her travels, and people report that the experience has been opening them up to receive more of their gifts.

Michele Falcone

Michelle is a Crystal Skull Wisdom Channel and the creator of the Crystal Frequency Attunement® method of healing. She is a gifted intuitive, teacher, energy worker and Psychic Medium. Michelle’s Heart-Centered approach to working with clients also includes being a CMFW and Access Bars Facilitator through Access Consciousness, a Reiki Master in both Jikiden and Usui Reiki, a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and being trained in various additional healing modalities and group facilitation methods including Crystal Healing, Intuition, NLP and Heart Centered Communication. She is the caretaker for 23 Crystal Skulls (and counting),including Mana, a 44LB quartz Crystal Skull.

In both her healing offerings and readings, Michelle effortlessly combines her talents and tools to create a roadmap to self-realization for her clients. Michelle believes that all people have their own healing abilities and she creates and holds the space to allow her clients to step into their own gifts, intuition, power and purpose and encourages them to express it to the world in ways that empower themselves and those around them to step into more of their own authentic self, life and relationships.

Michelle has been a creator and facilitator of weekend residential retreats in the UK, teaching and facilitating such topics as improved relationships, self love and inner child healing, to name a few. She holds a monthly Readings by 4 online event which is a charity based reading event where she collaborates with psychics and mediums from other parts of the world to give each attendee a reading. Along with teaching online and in person classes on how to work with Crystal Skulls and how to access your own intuitive gifts, she holds monthly Full Moon Crystal Skull Meditations which bring forward wisdom connection and healing. She also appears in person at psychic and healing fairs in both Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to give readings and energy work sessions with her Crystal Skulls. Her joy in life is helping people discover their own gifts and talents. The best moment for her is the AHA moment that happens when her clients and students access their heart held desires and their own healing epiphanies.