Crystal Skulls: Guidance, Secrets & the Work Behind the Scenes

In this talk, ShavatY will provide some behind the scene info about living as a crystal skull keeper.

She will discuss how Eh HaY U guides her as his keeper, and will divulge never before shared infoabout the true work behind the scenes, including the different ways in how we are in service .

She will discuss what are Crystal Skulls NOT, including going over some common misunderstanding or misinterpretations from human consciousness perspective in relationship to the Crystal Skull consciousness perspective.

And she will also share how to best engage and interact with a crystal Skull, plus  a lot more.


ShavatY was born in a family- line of healers and energy readers.

She came into this incarnation with open consciousness 

In her childhood she already had the ability to see dimensional grids, but this created confusion and sadness for she had no reference points or guidance in what this was.

So, she asked to ‘ take it away’.

In her mid 20e it returned and this was the beginning of her research and awakening her Multi-dimensional consciousness and finding step by step her role and mission and purpose .

ShavatY is a Multi-Dimensional Healer and Reader; Crystal Master; Pathway Counselor; Channel for Ascended Masters; Grid worker; Crystal skull keeper of Eh HaY U.( now more then 20 years certified Classical Homeopathic, Orthomolecular Dietician, Reflexologist.  Ordained Minister 

Together with Eh HaY U, they have created a unique pathway in teaching and healing on all the Dimensional grids for guiding humanity back home into Oneness.

Through the melding off their consciousness she is able to “bridge deep within the womb of the Great Mystery” to receive, anchor and align Higher dimensional frequencies.

She also has been instructed how to transmit and initiate other people with these frequencies, and all her teachings are in after transmitting these frequencies how people can use these themselves for their own pathway of awakening.

The purpose of these teaching is to Awaken our Multi-Dimensional Heart true which we can reach all the 12 Dimensional grids. 

The ultimate goal being the return and full presence of our Stargate in our Heart and the work on/ and with the stargates. The original stargates of Mother Earth but as well the created stargates by the Ancient Ones.

She has for many years traveled the world for service in teaching, individual sessions, lectures,ceremonies, group ceremonies and private ceremonies, weddings, baptism , and grid work. When we are invited in certain countries, we always are able to guide the Nation in their specific role and mission for the assistance of Mother Earth and as well the Nation karma.

Now the focus point of their service is more online in groupwork and or private.