“Talk Story”
with Sherry Whitfield and Synergy

Many Native Cultures get together with family and friends to share tales of personal experiences, discuss different viewpoints and offer insights. Humor, human frailty and fallibility often play a large part in the storytelling. In the South Pacific, this is called “Talk Story.” 

Join us as we Talk Story with crystal skulls and friends. Sherry’s entertaining lectures on the history of the skull and some of its journeys will awaken your spiritual passion. Her fascinating stories tell you that there is no such thing as coincidence: each of us is supported and encouraged by the spiritual world to create our own unique spiritual path. Learn about some of the benefits of working with your own crystal skull in order to stimulate your spiritual growth and development.

Sherry will also discuss the ancient runes carved on the bottom of Synergy and the “Real People,” an aboriginal tribe who were long time guardians of Synergy, and who currently have the twin of Synergy known as Harmony. 

These are sacred things that are not meant to be written down, only shared face to face… when the time is right.


Presenter & Skull Guardian

Some of the History of the Ancient Crystal Skull known as “Synergy”

“Synergy” weighs in at 15.5 lbs, with the skull size equal to that of a large adult human being. Synergy is the modern name for this crystal skull, and the name describes something about the quality of the energy, or frequency, that it broadcasts on the earth, at this time. The definition of Synergy is the cooperative action of two or more independent entities to bring about a total effect or change which is greater than what either can accomplish alone. In other words, sometimes 1 + 1 can equal 3, or even more. We humans can do more by cooperating and working together than any of us can do alone.

Synergy came to light in the Western world in 1981. That’s when it was acquired as a gift from a native Elder to a European man named George. George was told that the skull had come into this Grandfather’s custody through his family, given to them by a much loved Catholic nun who died in 1720 in Peru. She was quite old when she passed on the skull to a young native boy and his father. She called it “an inheritance from a lost civilization” and she asked them to keep it, and to safeguard it until the “right” person came to get it. “Your heart will know,” she said. 

George had quite a few adventures with the skull and he kept it for nearly 20 years. He never planned to part with it, however, in 2001 he suddenly decided to take a business trip to Arizona, USA. While there, he suddenly gave the skull to an American woman that he hardly knew. George found himself telling her “I think you should have this. You need to take it.” He told her that the crystal skull wanted to go with her. That woman was Sherry Whitfield. Sherry wasn’t interested in crystal skulls, but George’s intensity and sincerity struck a chord within Sherry. After thinking about it overnight, she accepted the skull, and the responsibility. It was not at all what she’d expected, but that is another story.

Fascinating information about this crystal skull soon came to light when the representative of an aboriginal, South Pacific tribe known as “The Real People” or the “Respectful Ones” traveled to meet Sherry. This tribe has been living on a group of islands near Australia for thousands of years. The man was sent to meet Sherry and to experience Synergy on behalf of his teacher, the tribe’s spiritual leader, a medicine man and Dreamwalker known as Rii’i. It was a profound event for the man; he traveled back to the island bringing photos and a small carved amethyst skull that had been with Synergy. He presented them to Rii’i. What followed was 24 hours of rejoicing, feasting and sharing stories about crystal skulls and their ancestors.

They say they had Synergy in their care for many generations before they “sent it out” in an outrigger type canoe from their island via Hawaii. The skull eventually arrived in the northern Andes with a tribe that called themselves “The People of the Sky, the Warriors of the Clouds.” It stayed there until upheavals caused by the Spanish invasion and the intertribal wars that followed devastated the locals. 

The survivors scattered for a number of years, eventually bringing the crystal skull to a young nun named Sister Maria Theresa Eduarda. Maria was forced into becoming a nun by her wealthy Spanish father who was angry with her for wanting to marry a boy he didn’t approve of. She was sent to Central America with a group of missionaries and eventually ended up with a much older nun, who was living in a small outpost near Lake Titicaca. She spent her life learning the ways of the local people she was sent there to teach; she became someone the local people trusted. In time, remnants of the old Andean tribe brought the crystal skull to her for safekeeping.

Maria lived a long life, passing in the Spring of 1720. On her deathbed, she passed the skull to a native family, where it stayed for generations awaiting the time and the person who would eventually come for it and take it elsewhere. The Grandfather who gave this crystal skull to George was their descendent. 

The Real People are a tribe that reveres skulls and twins; the tribe has an unusually high birth rate of twins per capita. Skulls are an integral part of their spiritual practices and they possess a large amount of ancestral bone skulls that are kept in caves and utilized in their ceremonies. 

They also have two other ancient crystal skulls. One of the other crystal skulls is an exact “twin” of Synergy; they call it “Harmony.”  This imparts credibility to their assertions of having been in possession of Synergy in the past. Their stories also indicate that the crystal skulls were not carved by them, rather, they were legacies given to them by ancestors that belonged to a lost civilization that they call MU (aka Lemuria, Uru or Lu).

A forensic scientist who reconstructs faces from the skulls of deceased persons, examined Synergy and in his professional opinion, an actual human skull was used as the original model for Synergy. He explained that it is not possible to take an art object that looks like a skull (to the unpracticed eye) and reconstruct a face that looks like an actual human face, no matter how carefully the piece of artwork was constructed. He is sure he can reproduce a face on this crystal skull.

In 2006, another part of this story was verified by a group of Hawaiian Kahunas. Their teachings speak of this crystal skull, Synergy, arriving in the islands via large outrigger canoes. They say that this crystal skull holds sacred secrets of their ancestors. To this day, a group of Hawaiian Kahunas and their students tend a cave with artifacts inside, including a canoe with the front cut off and seven bones skulls, linking it to “The Real People.”

There is more known about the history of this crystal skull, including partial translations of runes that are written on the bottom of both Synergy and Harmony. Those runes are an archaic form of the Ogham runic language. Some things are not meant to be written down, only shared face to face… until the time is right.

Synergy’s Facebook page is @SynergyCrystalSkull and links to other online resources about the work and various travels may be found there. Sherry Whitfield is Synergy’s current guardian or “Keeper.”

For several decades, Sherry has led numerous workshops and classes internationally on spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric subjects. Her focus is on spiritual awareness and development, as well as the empowerment and validation of the individual. Sherry and Synergy’s work together is rooted in building a group vibration or resonance that encompasses compassion, gratitude, joy, acceptance and an ever-increasing ability to give and receive love.

She has appeared in numerous TV and radio productions including Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast,  and is featured in the Avalon Video production entitled How to Meet Your Angels with Sherry Whitfield, as well as a production about crystal skulls entitled Echoes From The Ages: Talking Story With The Crystal Skulls. She and Synergy are featured in a number of books about crystal skulls.

Sherry is perhaps best known for her practical, down to earth and gently humorous approach to life and spirituality; thousands of people have used her simple techniques to gain valuable insights into themselves, their spiritual path and life situations.

Clairvoyant since early childhood, Sherry has an unusual background, having worked as a “Sensitive” in a medical doctor’s office for several years. She assisted the doctor in gaining insights into atypical or difficult medical and psychiatric conditions. Additionally, she has collaborated with physicians and scientific researchers at the University level, working to understand subtle energies and states of consciousness. Sherry has conducted about 25,000 private sessions with Synergy over the last 22 years in locations around the world.

Sherry graduated from the world renowned Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 1991 and has extensive experience in energy healing, shamanic techniques and other alternative healing practices.

She spent over 35 years as a business consultant and entrepreneur. Her past businesses include a wellness center, a chain of family movie theaters, a local paper and five nature themed art and gift galleries.

Based on a small ranch southeast of Tucson, Arizona, Sherry has written articles and columns about practical spirituality for several papers and newsletters in the U.S. and Canada, as well as a number of instructional workbooks and a blog.

Sherry Whitfield is SynergyGuardian on Facebook and Twitter.  She also has a blog and online store at crystal-skulls.com.

Look at any or all of these to find links to other online resources about her online classes, work and travels with Synergy.