The Diamond Earth Skulls of Angelic Ascension

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Stephanie Lodge

Stephanie Lodge has been recognized as a motivational speaker, transformational healer, and quantum architect through the Angelic Light Streams of ultimate creator. She serves as a Celestial Ambassador for the ancient crystal skulls Anam/“Lucy” and Ixchel, two planetary guardians of harmonic alchemy who reside near Sedona. Stephanie activates the Angelic genome utilizing various dynamic key tones, including numerical frequency sets through her healing modality HALONETIX. She also teaches THE HALO METHOD as a first step in reclaiming our soul’s sovereignty and heart’s holographic power. She is a channel of the Living Light Councils (specifically Yeshua, the Magdalenes, and Angelic Architects), and is considered by many who experience her healing to be an Angelic human. Stephanie serves as a licensed minister and practitioner of metaphysics through her platform and specializes in accelerating and guiding people through their ascension process. You can find timely offerings via Instagram @thehugangel or inside her personal community,